Christmas Traditions long Beach Style

Christmas Traditions long Beach Style

Christmas Festivities for All


Long Beach makes way for a month of Christmas music and other festivities. Everyone is certain to find something to their individual liking. There will be musical events, theatrical plays, silent auctions and many more activities, you name it and you can certainly find it in Long beach this month.


There will be several classic Christmas shows available for viewing at theaters throughout the Long Beach area.  The All American Melodrama is hosting nightly showings of many favorite Christmas tales. They will continue to run through January 1st, however they will be closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Anyone who is looking forward to festive dining will have plenty of opportunities. There are several dining events planned, One such event that looks entertaining is the Christian Singles Rotary Diner and dancing, so be sure to bring your dancing shoes to this one.  If you prefer a family orientated dining experience, you’ll want to have breakfast with Santa at the Parkers Lighthouse.

You can expect live music throughout several events. Additionally, you can attend the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra for some powerful performance by sought after musicians. Not really my preferred taste however definitely worthy of mention.

Long Beach will also have several tree lighting events that is always a great starter to set Christmas cheer in motion. The Christmas Tree Lighting held on the Queen Mary is proudly held on December 7th which is also Pearl Harbor Day. This particular tree lighting combines efforts to welcome Christmas and honor heroes. They honor all heroes regardless of whether they are military in emergency service positions such as the police or fire departments.