DMX attacked on Stage and Keeps the Music Going

DMX attacked on Stage and Keeps the Music Going

Way to go DMX


Music is all about the fans and Long Beach fans have shown that they’re all about the music, although I have to say that it might be a good idea to learn a little control no matter how much excitement is currently being experienced. Without fan support musician wouldn’t have anyone to sing or play for. DMX proved first hand that he believed in his fans.

In a recent Long Beach concert a somewhat over excited and possibly crazed fan jumped the stage and lashed out from behind DMX and reached for his throat. Bouncer reacted immediately and escorted the DMX fan off the stage. Amazingly DMX showed the world that the music in fact must go on.

There was a slight music interruption of mere seconds to what DMX proclaimed, “We don’t stop the music for sh@t!” Literally he avoided an attack and barely missed a single beat. Way to go DMX.

I haven’t actually been to a DMX show so I can’t say that this is typical or not. All I do know is that the quick reaction for the sake of the music was more than impressive. Let’s not forget the speed at which security reacted and handled the situation. I hope they’re being paid well for their quick reaction, whatever it is they deserve more. I mean after all it could have been severely worse under different scenarios. My hats off to DMX and the security team for expedient reaction and self-control, keep the music playing.