Long Beach Music Pick November 19

Long Beach Music Pick November 19

A night of music

There are some great music venues showcasing some great bands, certain to provide a high energy show. If you’re looking for an entertaining night of music read on to see my top music venue pick for this Saturday Night. Come back next week to see future picks.

Alex’s Bar has an exciting lineup featuring Hunx and his Punx, Audacity, Pangea with DJ Shannon Cornett. This bar isn’t for everyone, some people consider it a dive bar, as a music enthusiast, I have found that sometimes the greatest shows come out of those “dive bars”. For any True Blood fans out there, this is the famed location of Fangtasia.


Alex’s Bar has an eclectic music offering which seems to differ from one visit to the next. This is one of the many points of this bar that sets it apart from the rest. If you want a chance to experience new sounds then this may just be the bar you want to keep in mind for future exposure to music that may or may not be your typical first choice.

Pricing at Alex’s is beyond reasonable, there’s a cover on any night, including tonight that they have live music. Drinks are actually rather cheap compared to what you can often expect to pay in some bars and nightclubs. Overall, Alex’s is geared up tonight to provide a night of live music within any price range that you will not want to miss.

Be sure to check them out tonight or any weekend for great music.

2913 E Anaheim St. – 562-434-8292