Long Beach Student wins $50,000 Grand Prize for Musical Talents

Long Beach Student wins $50,000 Grand Prize for Musical Talents


Long Beach musical talent shines through as McKissock wins $50,000 from her music video entry in the Vidi Student Film Contest. She used the music of Mika Ben-yami with the song Nothing is Wrong. She had to create a 2 minute and 22 second video, her video was considered the best submission out of all the candidates.


I have watched this video, and though it’s absolutely not my taste in music, I have to admit the artistic style that she chose to run with in the video stands out and in my opinion makes her worthy of her recent win. She chose to use the song as a single day, the video starts out with her waking up and climbing out of bed and ends with her climbing back into bed to fall asleep.

Throughout the video, it shows her various encounters of the day. This video has a surreal feel to it. We hope to see many more in the future once she has completed her graduation.

According to Everything Long Beach, she was surprised to not only become a finalist but also to become a Grand Prize Winner. She discusses in her interview that she had met many challenges throughout the process and that it really showed her the difficulties that can come with producing a video, especially a shorter video.

It appears that she met each challenge with success. Simply watching her winning video will show just how successful her production was. She deservedly won this contest, congratulations are in order.