Music Featured as an Art Exhibit

Music Featured as an Art Exhibit

A little different yet it might be interesting


There is a rather interesting musical event coming to Long Beach. Unlike most musical events, this event will be displayed as art. I’ve included a sample that I found on YouTube, so you that you can experience this in the comfort of your home and then decide if you want to head out to take in the whole experience.

The music exhibit opens on Friday at Cal State Long Beach's University Art Museum. This event was originally performed in the mid 1970’s by Lou Reed. It was called, Lou Reed's Metal Machine Trio and at the time his fans pretty much didn’t like it.

I believe that I understand the problem. Lou Reed as a musician made some excellent musical sounds that probably seemed like the perfect musical experimentation that would put him over the top. Honestly listening to it you can pick up on that sense. You literally have a moment of wow.

The real problem is that it doesn’t last. What starts out sounding amazing very quickly turns into something terrible, something that you honestly don’t want to hear. This is actually strange, as I said it was amazing until suddenly it wasn’t, literally within seconds it went from one extreme to the next.

Hopefully having his metal Machine Trio set up as an exhibit rather than a music event will bring in a better response. One thing that I personally think would add  to it is maybe some lighting, like an old light show. As it is, it’ll only be audible with absolutely zero visual effects.