New Year's Eve events in Long Beach

New Year's Eve events in Long Beach

Bring in the New Year right.

The day of stomping 2011 into the past and looking into the bright 2012 future has finally arrived. Many celebrations are already underway, with more starting up as the night nears. New Years is celebrated in many ways, some people choose the quietness of their own homes followed by a quick midnight stroll of fireworks, and some want live music and dancing while others just want anything that makes them laugh. Fortunately, Long Beach has everyone covered.

There is an absolutely free Fireworks show scheduled at marina Del Rey. The show starts at 11:59 pm with a countdown to 2012. This Fireworks show is being hosted by the Department of Beaches and Harbors.

If you’re out looking for a night of excitement then you need to board the Queen Mary. The Queen Mary is hosting a New Year ’s Eve party filled with dining, dancing and live music. That’s not all, you also get to see the New Year’s Eve fireworks as the Queen Mary is in a prime viewing location.

If you love fireworks, though all you really want to do following a long tiring year is laugh it out then you won’t have to go far. Head on over to the Improv of Hollywood and enjoy a night of laughs as you watch Fear Factors Joe Rogan laugh it up. Rogan began as a standup comedian in none other than the Improv of Hollywood, so in honor of that he’s returning to his roots to share News Year’s Eve with the Long Beach fans that made him what he is.