Skate Legend Andy Roy steps up as DMX Attacker

Skate Legend Andy Roy steps up as DMX Attacker

sowing love from one ex-con to another

Earlier last week skate legend Andy Roy came forward as the crazed fan that had previously “attacked” DMX on stage. He stepped up to clear his name, he wasn’t actually trying to attack DMX he just wanted to “show his love from one ex-con to another.” DMX was released earlier last year following charges of violating his probation by consuming alcohol during a concert that he had performed by special permission that led to additional drug charges.

Andy Roy, like DMX was also sent to prison based on drug charges. One extreme difference is that they definitely had separate judges or maybe DMX just had more money. Whereas DMX originally just had probation, Andy went straight to Pelican Bay of all places for a two year sentence.

Regardless they’re both out, free to show their love if they want to. One thing about this whole incident is that this free publicity just may have been Andy’s saving grace. Andy had been long forgotten after being sent away, even after his release his name certainly hasn’t been thrown around like it once was.

It’ll be interesting to see if Andy is able to step back up to his past fame. I remember him and he was one of the true skater’s some of his moves were amazing just to watch.  His downfall was a heroin addiction following a bunch of skateboard politics and an eventual injury. He like many people who slipped down that path decided to give it a try when it was offered, and his life changed forever.