January 2012

Music Featured as an Art Exhibit

A little different yet it might be interesting


There is a rather interesting musical event coming to Long Beach. Unlike most musical events, this event will be displayed as art. I’ve included a sample that I found on YouTube, so you that you can experience this in the comfort of your home and then decide if you want to head out to take in the whole experience.

Skate Legend Andy Roy steps up as DMX Attacker

sowing love from one ex-con to another

Earlier last week skate legend Andy Roy came forward as the crazed fan that had previously “attacked” DMX on stage. He stepped up to clear his name, he wasn’t actually trying to attack DMX he just wanted to “show his love from one ex-con to another.” DMX was released earlier last year following charges of violating his probation by consuming alcohol during a concert that he had performed by special permission that led to additional drug charges.

DMX attacked on Stage and Keeps the Music Going

Way to go DMX


Music is all about the fans and Long Beach fans have shown that they’re all about the music, although I have to say that it might be a good idea to learn a little control no matter how much excitement is currently being experienced. Without fan support musician wouldn’t have anyone to sing or play for. DMX proved first hand that he believed in his fans.